Plotagon Education Frequently Asked Questions


How do I qualify for educational pricing?

Plotagon Education’s special pricing is available to teachers and administrators at accredited public and private schools (preschool through postgraduate university). Business, government, and nonprofit customers seeking to use Plotagon Education for all other uses, including corporate training, advertising, and content, including educational products, should use our Plotagon Studio product.

How can I pay for Plotagon Education?

We accept credit card and wire transfer payments. We do not accept paper checks at this time.

What’s the difference between the free Plotagon app and the Plotagon Education app?

The free Plotagon app comes with two scenes and six characters (with more available as in-app purchases) and users can only publish their videos to the Plotagon community and YouTube. Plotagon Education, on the other hand, includes nearly 50 scenes and 18 standard characters, web-based user management to create additional users, and the ability to save completed movies to your hard drive or camera roll to share in your private educational network.

What if I already have a personal account (non-education) in the free Plotagon app?

Plotagon Education is a separate app that has been adapted to the needs of a school environment. At this time, the content you have created will remain in the free Plotagon app, but we are working on a way to share created content between all Plotagon products.

What operating systems and platforms does Plotagon Education suppport?

Plotagon Education have versions for macOS (Mac), 64-bit Windows versions, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android (phones and tablets, and Android-compatible Chromebooks).

What are the system requirements for Plotagon Education?

Plotagon Education for desktop requires at least 2GB of free disk space to install.
Windows: Plotagon Education runs on 64-bit versions of Windows 7 or newer and requires at least 4GB ram memory.
OSX: Plotagon Education runs on 64-bit versions of OSX 10.9 or newer.
iOS: Plotagon Education runs on iOS devices supporting iOS version 10 or newer.
Android: Plotagon Education requires Android version Android v5.0 (lollipop)
Chromebook: Plotagon Education runs as an Android app on Chromebooks supporting Play Store. When running Plotagon Education on Chromebooks the same requirements as the Android version.
Learn more about runnning Plotagon Education on Chromebooks.

Is there a web-based version of Plotagon Education?

Not at this time. Plotagon Education uses such sophisticated graphics technology, it is necessary to run as a downloaded app.

Does Plotagon Education work on Chromebooks?

Plotagon is pleased to launch the first educational Android application that is specifically optimized for Android-compatible Chromebooks. Users can log into Plotagon Education using their Google Education Single Sign On logins and save their characters and movies to their Google Drive accounts. Google has published some information to help you run Android on your Chromebook. Also see this detailed list of supported models and information to learn how to set it up for your school.

What languages are available for Plotagon Education?

The interface of Plotagon Education is in English and the app includes an English-language Text-to-Speech voice. However, the interface is so easy that only a basic knowledge of English is necessary to use the app. In fact, people all around the world are using Plotagon Education in a wide range of languages by recording their own voices, and others are using it to teach new languages.

Is Plotagon Education hard to use?

Plotagon Education has a simple, highly visual interface that novices can master with almost no learning curve. This is partly why we won the coveted Red Dot Award for Communication Design in 2015 and the SIIA Innovation Award in 2016. Creating characters is as simple as clicking on facial attributes (hair style, skin color, etc.), clothing and accessories. Making a film is just as easy, with a screenplay-like interface and drag-and-drop ordering.

Can I record my own voice?

Yes, you can! Once you type in your dialogue, you can click the microphone icon to record your voice. Plotagon Education will automatically sync the characters lips to the sound of your voice – no matter what language you are speaking!

Why are there only two characters in a scene?

This is part of what makes Plotagon Education so easy to use. The app automatically switches the focus of the scene between the two characters, eliminating the need to select camera cues.

Can two users work on the same Plotagon Education film?

Each Plotagon Education film resides locally on the user’s hard drive, offering maximum security and processing speed. Two users in the same location can collaborate on a single film by creating characters, writing a script, and recording separate voices on the same device.

I’m concerned about my students’ privacy. How do you use their data?

When you purchase a Plotagon Education license, we will never sell your personal information or market products or services to your students. In fact, the only information we collect is the email address associated with each account. All other information – including the characters, scripts, and completed movies – remains on the users’ machines or, in the case of Chromebooks, on their Google Drive accounts. For more information, please review our Education Privacy Policy.

Where can I get support for Plotagon Education?

We are happy to help! First, visit our Getting Started page. If you are still having trouble, then you can email

How can I share the Plotagon Education movies once I finish them?

Each Plotagon Education license allows you to save your completed movies to disk (or, on a mobile device, Save to Camera Roll). Once you do this, you will have an MP4 movie file that you can share with your students or colleagues as your school permits: on a local network, Learning Management System, USB, etc. You can even import the completed file into a movie editor app to include it in a larger film.

How do I create user accounts?

When you purchase a Plotagon Education license for more than one user, you will receive a login to our user management site. There you can create new users and change passwords. You can then distribute these usernames and passwords to your teachers and students so they can log in to the Plotagon Education app.

Can I change user accounts over time?

Each Plotagon Education user receives an individual login that is tied to his or her content, so you can add new users during the term of your annual license (up to the maximum number of user licenses you have purchased) but you cannot swap them during the term. For that reason, we offer an affordable set of pricing options for large numbers of students.

How do I use Plotagon Education on shared devices in my school?

Every device on which you wish to use Plotagon Education must have a username in the form of an email account. If you have shared iPads and wish to avoid logins altogether, then you can purchase the Animate Your Classroom app for iOS. Also, users of Android-compatible Chromebooks can sign into each machine with their Google Education login, which will save all their characters and movies to their Google Drive account rather than to the local hard drive.


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