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The nature of storytelling – Plotagon Education from Plotagon on Vimeo.

 Imagine walking into a classroom, and on the screen is an app you have never seen before. There are many applications that let you create content for education, but what is special with this application is the way you create with it. As a teacher or a student, you are instantly familiar with this interface, because it is one you already know: text on a white paper.

The user experience of creating with Plotagon is centered around writing. This does two things: It allows anyone, regardless of background knowledge, to create an animated movie instantly. And it at the same time creates a connection to the script for students, giving them a relationship with the most powerful storytelling tool of all time: the written word.

Begin by setting your scene

Once you have your characters, it is time to set the scene for your movie. Do this by creating a new Plot. Each Plotagon movie — like a sheet of paper in a writer’s typewriter — begins with a blank page. Begin by clicking the clapper icon, and then click the text ‘Location’ to select a scene where your movie will start.

After you have chosen your scene, you can add either one or two characters by clicking the ‘Character’ link and placing the character you selected in the scene. Your scene is now set and you can begin writing your story.

Direct your actors

The next step is to tell your story. Select who is talking, and write the character’s dialogue. You can then give the character an emotion, such as happy, angry or whatever you think suits the situation. The character will act out the emotion you have selected as they speak your line. If you want them to act out their emotion without speaking, delete the text in the dialogue field. 

Continue adding dialogue, new scenes, and new characters to tell the story you want. You can also add other touches, such as sound effects, or music that will play throughout a scene.

Record your own voice

Plotagon’s built-in computer voice will automatically speak whatever dialogue you write in English. But the real fun begins when you add your own voice. To do this, simply click the microphone icon next to the dialogue and select ‘record new voice’.

The app will record a voice clip as long as the text you wrote. (Wherever there is recorded dialogue, the microphone icon turns yellow.) With this function, you can record dialogue in any language, and the characters lips will sync to whatever dialogue you record.

Create your own actors

Create a new character by clicking the Create tab and selecting ‘Characters’. Choose face, hair, eye color, accessories, clothes, etc. When you are done, give your character a name and exit back to your Characters window. Your Character is automatically saved, and you can return and change your character anytime.

If you want to create different versions of the same character (with different hairstyles or clothes, for example), simply press the ⋯ icon and select ‘Copy Character’. When you are done, name your character and press the back arrow to automatically save.