Using Kahoot! with Plotagon


Activate the whole class in an educational quiz game to spark discussion or to test general class knowledge


  1. Select a Plotagon character or create a new (yourself maybe?) using Plotagon Character Creator to speak out your quiz. Remember that selecting two characters to feature in the quiz can be made more interesting.
  2. Select a Plotagon scene location. Don’t worry, the scene location doesn’t have to be related to the topic of the quiz. In fact, haven’t you also played a quiz in a car?
  3. Make a first introduction Plot that introduces the Class to the general topic of the quiz. Do not include any question in this first introductory Plot.
  4. Save your first quiz introduction Plot to disc.
  5. Then upload your Plotagon film to your YouTube account. Remember to set your film to unlisted or public. Get the public link to the film on YouTube by clicking on the share “arrow”.
  6. If you haven’t got a Kahoot account already you can sign up for one here:
  7. Start creating a new Kahoot. Add a good descriptive title. Great if you make your Kahoot public. If you do, don’t forget to tag the Kahoot with #plotagoneducation and #plotagon under the description section for others to easily find Plotagon enhanced Kahoots. Add the URL link to the quiz introduction Plotagon film you just uploaded to YouTube. You are now ready to add the first question to your quiz.
  8. Switch to Plotagon Education and create a new Plot. Make sure to use the same scene location and the same scene location character positions as you used in the quiz introduction Plot. The quiz becomes more fun if there is some dialogue or relevant comments, but make sure to include the clear direct question at the end of the Plot.
  9. Save the first Quiz question to disc and upload it to your YouTube account. Again, don’t forget to set it to “unlisted” or “public”. You can use the “crop” feature in YouTube to skip/remove the outro screen refering to Plotagon Education for all the separate questions. Click the share “arrow” to get the URL link.
  10. Switch to Kahoot and add the first quiz question. Write out the question without the dialogue. Add the URL link to the quiz question Plotagon film uploaded to your YouTube account. Add up to four quiz alternatives. Make sure to use alternatives that are relevant to the question and are challenging for the students finding the correct answer. Make sure to marke the alternative which is the correct answer for the quiz question.
  11. Add as many questions you like, then save and publish your Plotagon enhanced Kahoot Quiz.
  12. Play the Quiz in class and have the students answer the Quiz game using any internet-enabled device.

Here are below are three Kahoots using Plotagon made by us here at Plotagon: