Music Theory 1


To identify the difference between tonality and emotion/expression



Lesson plan:

The first lesson on music theory in a set of music lessons covering history, culture, theory, etc.
This lesson looks at the union of minor and major with happy and sad emotions.

Students will be given the opportunity to discuss what music means to them and how they would define music.
The plot ends with an exercise looking at pieces of music and defining them via Happy and Sad, and Major or Minor. The students should state which they think the track is and why.
The playlist for this is found here:
It will need to be played on shuffle to vary the moods and keys played. The whole of the tracks need not be played.
Answers: The tracks are grouped into threes in the order Major and Happy, Minor and Sad, Major and Sad, Minor and Happy, and Open to Interpretation.
After this, set the task to find five tracks on the internet; one happy and major, one sad and minor, one happy and minor, one sad and major, and one that could be neither or one that they’re not sure about.