Animate a poem reading

Select one or several poems and let the students dramatise it using Plotagon.

Les Fleurs du mal by Charles Baudelaire, read by Shane Lestan

It can be a classic reading, or a dramatisation of the setting or situation of the poem.


Let the students explore the meaning and context of a selected poem by making a movie of it using Plotagon.


Start by selecting a short poem, appropriate to the age level and interests of your class. Alternately, select a group of short poems and have the student groups select one, to make it a bit easier. If selecting a group of poems, try selecting poems in different style and context, to allow the students to find a poem they can relate to.

Then divide the class into groups of two to four students. Three is a good number. Two is also good, provided thou then proceed unto three. Every student group should have a common computer or tablet to create their film on.

Lesson plan (2 hour lesson)

Allow 15 minutes for planning the Plot. This should be done after having read the poem through together, but without using Plotagon. Planning the Plot without using the software allows the students to reach a consensus about direction and content without being distracted by the process.

Then 15 minutes to select a setting and create one or more characters to help tell their story. It can be a character from the poem, or one of the students themselves.

After this, 45 minutes to create the plot itself. Check up on progress during the creation process, guiding the students to create an outline before doing detail work, such as adding specific emotions or recording their own dialogue. At the end of the creation process, the objective is to have created a finished movie, even if it needs more fine tuning.

After the creation time is over, let the students present their films in front of the class.